Friday, November 21, 2008

Rice in Curry Sauce

1/2 cup basmati or brown rice
1/2 C Green Mung Beans (also known as Chinese Bean Sprouts), soaked overnight or sprouted
1 clove garlic grated or minced (or mashed with a mortar and pestle)
1/2 small onion, chopped in fine bits
Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)
1 T curry powder
1 lb. carrots
1/2 small beet
1 stalk celery
1/4 C flax seed, soaked overnight

1. Soak rice in a large bowl of water overnight (at least 12 hours). Drain. Mix in chopped mung beans and place in bowl for flavors to "meld" together.

2. In a small glass or ceramic bowl place onion and garlic. Drizzle olive oil just to over and let soak.

3. In a separate glass or ceramic bowl mix curry powder with just enough olive oil to make into a paste.

4. To make the curry sauce, juice the beet, carrots, celery and flax seed. Add curry paste from step 3 to juice and mix well. Pour curry sauce into a serving bowl.

    To serve take an empty bowl and place some rice in the center. Spoon some onion/garlic mixture on one side and spoon some curry sauce on the other. As you eat the rice you can decide how much of each flavor you want - you can enjoy 3 different flavors (each one separately and one "together" flavor).

    Take time to enjoy the flavors. It would be especially interesting to serve the sauces from small oriental bowls and the rice in a larger bowl.

    Makes 1 serving. Multiply recipe according to the number of servings you wish.


    If you have other seasoning greens that you would like to add, chop in small pieces and stir together with the onion and garlic in step 2.

    The flax seed is used as a thickening agent. You could substitute Ipomoea aquatica, amaranth leaves or Malabar spinach. Any of these may be marketed as "Chinese Spinach".

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