Sunday, October 26, 2008

Orange Jicama Salad

Just made this for a Whole Foods Meetup I went to last night. It appears that it was liked by all (except the person who didn't like cilantro).

3 cloves garlic
1/2 t sea salt
Juice from 2 limes
6 T extra virgin olive oil
1/2 t dehydrated cane juice
1/2 t cracked pepper
1 small onion, minced

8 naval oranges
1 lb jicama
1/2 c packed cilantro
1/2 c sliced feta cheese or fresh goat's cheese
1/3 c sunflower seeds

Mince the garlic and mash with the salt. Whisk together rest of dressing ingredients. Let sit for at least 1 hr at room temperature to allow onion to take on flavor of ingredients.

Cut oranges to make "chunks" of orange pieces (no pith). Cut jicama into small "matchbook" slices. Chill.

Just before serving place all salad ingredients in bowl, whisk dressing final time and toss together.

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