Monday, October 20, 2008

Veggie Burger Trials Begin

I have ideas of many different recipes in my head - from desserts to main dishes to soups. One thing I will be experimenting on over the next few weeks are various veggie burgers. I not only want to come up with ones I like, I want to find ones my kids will like PLUS I want to find ones that will freeze well.

I have been a big fan of bulk cooking and freezing so that ready made meals are waiting in the freezer. I figure that, based on the ingredients used, these will lend themselves very well to freezing.

So. . .things I will be experimenting with include various types of beans (kidney, black, lentils, garbanzo), carrots, cornmeal, potatoes, onions and rolled oats. I probably will experiment with tofu too, but I don't think you can freeze tofu (can you?). None of us like mushrooms so I know I won't experiment with those. Only my daughter likes olives, but I don't think I'll experiment with them either.

If you would like to put comments of what you like best - please do! I'm hoping to come up with 3 or 4 really good combinations when I'm done experimenting.

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